Living Works of Art

I just watched an interview with women of and the author of “Advanced Style” ( I can’t figure out how to insert the link right now, so you’ll have to search it on YouTube…sorry :), which inspired me to draw this…and you can color it. I am going to be posting excerpts from my future adult coloring book “Coloring Life…Outside the Lines” every week or so. Print them out or import them into a coloring app. Grab some markers or your stylus of choice and make the drawings come to life with color!

Look Great

Git’er done…

For more than a couple years, I have been writing and illustrating and growing a book titled “What’s Right With Me?”. What was once a little quiz to help a couple friends figure out what lights them up turned into a full blown potential paragraph in someone’s life (mine included) from which they create a new chapter.

You never know how what is happening now is going to affect the future. So it makes sense to focus on what is happening now, keep your dreams in sight in the distant landscape, and dig into today. Git’er done. Today. Now. Bye-bye.Gitrdone