Practice Positive

Practice Positive 8x10I’ve noticed lately that I have been leaning in the direction of not so positive. Can’t really say negative. Sad. I can say sad. Just about a year ago, a cycle of wake-up calls began. Life knocking on the door with a reminder that it’s not going to wait around forever. Each situation didn’t look like that at first glance. But quickly I looked for and found a reason for each one. Maybe I made up the reasons just to make myself feel better about having to go through the emotions. No matter. Finding or giving reason to a crummy circumstance creates a life preserver, to stay afloat and not get dragged under by the mental mounting weight of a situation.

It’s a choice. Choose peace and love, or choose otherwise. Choose a positive outcome, or choose otherwise. Whatever we choose, we get. Wherever our focus goes, that will be what we see. I choose peace and love, patience, positive intention. It’s how I hope to change the world, one person at a time…starting with me.

This is for you, a pdf coloring page of the image above: Practice Positive 8×10


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