Live the Life You Have Imagined

After a “clean out” knee surgery last week, I’ve been propping my knee up with a pillow I bought probably 2 years ago. It says “Live the Life You’ve Imagined”. It’s funny how focusing on a statement, whether purposefully or just because it’s there, can make a difference. I am sure it has to do with the fact that I am not traveling right now for work so I get to have a clear and quieter mind, too. But whatever, I am taking a look at what I have been putting off and holding for a “rainy day”. That rainy day is here (literally!) and I’ve made a little list of the things I hold as important to accomplish during my life. So one by one I intend to check off those things as complete!

The link below is for a pdf of the coloring page image. Click on it, print it and get out your coloring utensils and take it in as your color…living the life you have imagined!

Live the Life You Have Imagined

Live the Life You Have Imagined

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